Meet Our Founders

Cap'n Wacky World's parent company, Amalgamated Humor, was founded by business titans Sheky "Ralph" Brockie and Ichabod Lancaster White III. While these two men sketched out the earliest ideas that led to Cap'n Wacky World and Five Point Park, neither lived to see its completion*. Unlike a certain other enormous corporate-owned vacation/theme-park destination with a rodent for a mascot, we don't play coy about where the remains of our founders are kept**. We've got them out and on display for everyone to enjoy!

Mr. White's remains have been frozen in a solid block of ice. This was not the original intention, but after the caterer at his funeral got confused about the requests for an ice-sculpture in his likeness, we just decided to go with what happened. Mr. Brockie, in keeping with his background in the practical joke industry, demanded that his remains be taxidermied, then placed into the park upon its eventual completion. A hydraulic lift of his own design has been set to make his body sit upright in its coffin at random intervals. Don't tell your kids! Wait and enjoy the surprised looks on their faces.

* See the complete Amalgamated Humor Story here.
** And if you don't think we have some spies in their organization, you're fooling yourself. We know all about what's in the secret sub-freezer under the castle, and it ain't ice cream bars in the shape of three circles.

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