Employment Opportunities

Yikes, still clicking, eh? Oh dear. Well now I'm going to feel bad to have to do this, but we'd probably better come clean before you get too much more excited about this: see, there is no actual job opening. Amalgamated Humor is a fictional company created in association with the humor website Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun (www.capnwacky.com). See the word "wacky" up there in the URL? That should've been your first clue: we are not real.

Sorry for the mix-up. We thought it was pretty obvious. Hope you uh... find something else.

Well, I suppose you COULD write stuff for us if you want. We do accept humor pieces from outside writers. Just send in a submission to submissions@capnwacky.com with the word "submission" in the subject line.

Oh, but you wouldn't get paid for that.

Again, sorry.