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Exhibit F: Mickey Rooney

Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney has been trying unsuccessfully to hide the fact that he's a Leprechaun since the 1920s. The strain has aged the diminutive actor very prematurely (for a Leprechaun he's really only in his late teens).

Highlights from Rooney's nearly 200 films include:

  • The Devil is a Sissy
  • Girl Crazy
  • The Twinkle in God's Eye
  • Little Spies
  • Babe II: Pig in the City

    Plus, approximately 70 films as Andy Hardy, including:

  • What's that Rash, Andy Hardy?
  • Andy Hardy Doesn't Seem to be Growing
  • Andy Hardy Never Gets to touch Judy Garland Off Screen
  • Andy Hardy Meets the Leprechaun

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