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Exhibit A: Lucky

The most prominent of all the Leprechauns in the hall is Lucky, the Lucky Charms spokesleprechaun.

"Lucky" (as aptly named as the one-eyed, three-legged puppy in the old joke) is force-fed the cereal until he's euphoric enough to film one of the commercials for the "magically delicious" cereal.

As Lucky knows, there's nothing magical about this breakfast food, it's delicious for the same reason it gives him such a buzz: it's packed with sugar.

Sure, he's always very up in the tv ads, but you should see him when the rush wears off.  Then it's back to ingesting his other favorite product (pint after pint after pint of Guinness) and badgering the poor Trix rabbit with how much better life was in the old days and in the old country.

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