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Looking for cheap crap no one else could possibly want? This here's your place
The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning Man
If you had to get injured just to save people too dumb not to shake a pop machine until it crushes them, you'd be bitter too. Maybe not this bitter, though.
Ask Zonar
An alien comes to Earth from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. To conquer us? To study us? No. To tear Ann Landers a new one.
We join the battle to keep a dying art form alive. Why do we spell it with an "X"? Because nothing is funnier than illiteracy.
Flotsam and Jetsam
Random comedy driftwood washed upon the rocky shores of our writers' minds. Latest addition: Am I a Geek?
It Ain't Cool In the Basement News
Check here for the latest scoops on films that won't be out for months. And gravy.
The Gallery of Unfortunate Cards
The wrong card for every occasion.
Choose Your Own Whatever
The stories everyone loved as a kid, grown up and just a teensy bit dark.
Our thoughtful readers send us postcards; Our mailroom guy savagely and callously mocks them. Fun for all!
See an Amalgamated Humor, Inc. employee put his life on the internet! Live! 24 hours a day!
Art Bypass
We take the all time great works of art, and we make them better. Is there anything Capín Wacky can't do? Only needlepoint.
Wonderful World of Wacky
Travel to Amalgamated Humor locations from the comfort of your own computer. Latest destination: Brodie in Vegas.
Coming soon. Yeah, yeah- we've heard it a million times, too. Whatever.

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