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Yesterday, June 23, 2000

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2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: John McClain
Subject: Congrats!

Wow! Way to go, Hairy! All your hard work and journalistic effort is really paying off now!

2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: Bar Bar Jinks
Subject: Mesa Lovin' you!

Mesa can't wait to be in the movie with you, Hairy. Mesa be thinkin' yousa maxi big pretty!

2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: Darth Camel
Subject: Mad as Hell, not gonna take it any more

Hairy! Did you even read what you wrote yesterday? Hello!?

2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: Goodfellow
Subject: Hotmail? HOTMAIL?!?

You believed this, coming from a HOTMAIL account? And you were ablke to identify it as from coming from California? You got snowed, fat boy. Way to check your sources.

2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: Zombie
Subject: Never mind title

Hairy, nevermind what the peeople say who r making fun of you. You do whatever you half to do to be in this movie!

2000-06-23 04:53:17
From: Norm
Subject: This deal's getting worse all the time

Damn it. This site is getting almost as bad as Harry Knowle's Aint it Cool News.

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