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Yesterday, July 21, 2000

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2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Tim
Subject: Firsties!!!

No, really, I am this time- I mean it. I'm first!! WOO-HOO!!! I did IT!!! Um, now what?

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Norm
Subject: Happy birthday?

Um, can I just send a card? Or will I be banned for that?

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Darth Eddy
Subject: You have to be kidding me

We come here for movie news, not his social calendar! And then he has the gall to ask us for presents? Wht about the important stuff, like whether Ryan Phillippe screen tested for Spider Man???

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Blofeld
Subject: Can't wait!!

I'll be there, my friend. Working on the Durante remains.

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Googol
Subject: Screw that!

This is a free site! We have to give you crap to get our reports up? if we can ask for stuff on here, then I want a 2001 Audi TT! And a mint condition copy of 'Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen,' issue #1!

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: Hairy
Subject: Misunderstood

No, i didn't mean that you have to give me stuff to get used in the stories. It just helps me remember your name better, that's all. It's one of those nemonic device thingys.

2000-07-21 04:53:17
From: mojo
Subject: Don't need a clown

The party should already have a bunch of freaks there. By that I mean Hairy and his crew. They'll be the freaks at the party. Already there.

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