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Yesterday, August 12, 2000
Yessireebob, I do love the DVD format... the movies LOOK BETTER and SOUND BETTER... but best of all... there's more stuff on them!! With extra features like original trailers, director commentary, cut scenes, and storyboards... I can spend even more time doing my favorite thing... watching the same movies over and over again! Well, today I received word that one of my All Time Favoreeeeeetes is finally coming out on DVD... My heart is pounding... drool is dribbling down my chins... the movie being released is... FLASH GORDON (1980)!!! I think everyone will agree that this is one of the classics of the screen and its release in this state of the art format is... long overdue. Some of the special DVD features: 1. Brian Blessed (the winged Prince Vultan) provides running commentary (you can either just listen, or watch him in a tiny corner of the screen... he even squeezes back into his old costime from the film!) 2. Watch QUEEN recording the songs for the soundtrack. Look at those pants of Freddy Mercury... tlak about Flash! 3. An interview with Max von Sydow (from yeeeears later) in which he cannot remember (or pretends not to remember) playing Emporer Ming! 4. An alternate ending in which Flash clicks his heels three times and learns the true meaning of Christmas! 5. Still shot of the single frame in which Ornella Muti's (Princess Aura) costume slips... and you can see a third of her nipple!!!! Sorry folks, but after this DVD comes out, don't expect the site to be updated for a few days!

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Little Tom Hanks Guy? 2000-03-14 05:41:08

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