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Yesterday, August 12, 2000
Hey gang, Lots of news to report on the re-make front... let's see what the moles have found for us...

Hello, Hairy, "Roger Wilco" here. Word is that New Line Pictures is working on a re-make of Vertigo. Director Delroy Carpton has been pegged for the project. "I love the original," Carpton said. "That's why I'm going to make a new version that I hope will supplant the first one in the minds of the modern-filmgoing public." When asked if he thought his version would be as good as Alfred Hitchcock's he responded "Alfred who?"

Sounds great! Here's another upcoming remake.

Hey, Mighty Master Dork. I just got word of an interesting project. Looks like Jan DeBont plans to direct a remake of "A Hard Day's Night"! What a great idea! They can do the same movie, but in color, with newer songs, and younger actors! So far, Seth Green is rumored to play John Lennon and Katie Holmes will be playing Paul McCartney (this is definite). The real Paul may play Paul's grandfather. No word on who might play the other two leads yet. DeBont also plans to make the action sequences much more exciting, plus add a keyboard player. -Blew Meeeny, over and out.

Another great idea! Where do they come up with this stuff! Here's one more...

Hola, Hairy-man. This is "Hans Moleman". I just got confirmation that Robert Zemeckis plans to re-make his own 1994 Best-picture winning "Forrest Gump". Zemeckis says that, though the first movie is only five years old, he worries that it may be fading from the pop-culture landscape. Plus, he says, there are ways to make it more relevent for today. Also, though the special-effects were considered ground-breaking in the original, effects have come a long way in the last five years, and he figures he can do it even better this time. He hasn't decided yet if he'll use Tom Hanks in the title role again, or go with someone younger.

Hey, these are all good ideas! I'm always... marveled by the endless creative ways Hollywood comes up with to mine their valuable resources. God bless you... movie executives.

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