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Yesterday, August 23, 2000

Hairy here. Biiiiig news on a sequel everybodys been waiting for! This comes from "The Old Salt:"

Okay, everyone had the pants scared off of them with "The Fisherman Is Aware Of What You Did On Your Vacation." Then, the producers found new ways to thrill us with "The Fisherman Is Still Aware Of What You Did On Your Vacation." Well, I'll bet everyone thought the story had been closed and that old fisherman was gone for good. Wrongo, old chum.

It appears that the studio is making another sequel, but with a twist. In a daring move, they aren't going to have the same actors or characters, and it's going to take place in a different setting! A shopping mall, this time, I think. Isn't that cool? Look for "The Fisherman Is Still Knowing What You Did On Your Vacation" in time to give a scare to moviegoers next spring.

WOWEE!! Just when you think you have the old studio suits pegged as uncreative types, they go and pull a twist like this!! New actors! New characters!!! The possibilities are endless!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

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