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Today, June 19

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2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: modok12
Subject: what the-?

Wait a minute, what website am I reading again?

2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: coffeeis4closers
Subject: way to go!

Congratulations, Blofeld, on your movie deal. How much of your movie is about eating Cheetos?

2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: matter_eater
Subject: hilarious

Man, great joke with the Bizarro Blofeld bit. I hope the philistines around here appreciate it.

You are kidding, right?

2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: iluvsnorks
Subject: way to...


2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: Norm
Subject: black kettle

Ok, well I think Blofeld makes a lot of good points here, and while I might not agree with all of them, I certainly think these are things that it would be healthy for us to debate intelligently at length. And I'm really sure that's what's going to happen here. Anyway, wihle these are good points to make, Blofeld is maybe the second to last person who should be making them with only Hairy Knavel himself in front of him. The popularity of this site if built on stealing info, scripts, and pictures about movies. It doesn't just propogate the idea that we have some right and need to seek out every scrap of info about every film long before we see it, it's arguable that it was one of the biggest parts of creating that idea.

Or did you just think we came here for Hairy's good looks and writing skill?

2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: clockworkmonkey
Subject: Right on!

I totally agree with you, Blofeld. Hey, can you help me shop my script around a little? Thanks!

2003-06-19 04:53:17
From: macho_fan
Subject: what about

Hey, I'm still waiting to hear if we're going to get to see The Macho Man snap into a Slim Jim in this movie.

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