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Today, June 18

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2003-06-18 04:53:17
From: Imso_Pretty
Subject: What about?

Is Captain Lou Albano a character in this at all? That rubber-band in the beard wearing dude was my favorite! Go beat up Cyndi Lauper!

2003-06-18 04:53:17
From: Perfect7
Subject: CGI crapfest

Good reports, dudes. I've had it with all these movies with CGI characters that don't really look real. I'm NEVER fooled by this crap.

2003-06-18 04:53:17
From: capn_shifty_fan987
Subject: where?

Hey, I want to see this too so I can complain about how bad it looks. Where can I download it from at?

2003-06-18 04:53:17
From: Norm
Subject: effects

Man, you idiots. Not that this sounds like a good movie to me, but what happened to make us all such effects snobs? We're so damn spoiled that we can't accept anything that looks remotely unreal or fantastic. Has your own imagination completely atrophied? People used to enjoy movies with UFOs that looked like hubcaps suspended by fishing lines. You may think your crybabying makes you more sophisticated than them, but it doesn't. It just makes you less able to enjoy anything.

2003-06-18 04:53:17
From: bruteandglob
Subject: Also!

I can totally tell that that picture of Hairy up in the corner of is not a real picture but a CARTOON HAND DRAWING! Totally fake, jerks!

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