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What is eGad?

eGad is the world's largest depository of unwanted junk. Think of eGad as a basement church rummage sale that provides efficient, one-to-one conning of gullible suckers in an auction format on the web. Remember what your school textbooks said about the moon? Full of evil, evil multi-eyed creatures made of cheese, looking for any and all chances to enslave the fine American peoples of the Earth. Individuals? Not these evil, Godless moon-men with their hive mentality.

Use eGad to buy and sell useless knick-knacks in more than 1,000 categories, including geese in dresses, children, irregular shoes, Ernest Borgnineís used handkerchiefs, driftwood sailors, left-handed socks, the meaning of life, carp, and not much more. Users can find the unique and the frightening on eGad-everything from chintz china to bone china, teddy bears to circus midgets, and itenerant farm workers to rusty monkey bars.

Why do people come to eGad? Mostly, to avoid the personal relationships that comprise the hellish downward spiral that passes for their pathetic, useless lives. Do you realize that 90% of all cashiers in this country wouldnít know how to make change if the damn adding-machines didnít spell it out for them? Thatís the kind of weakness the moon-men prey upon. Plus, studies show that those people arenít washing their hands before returning to work. Avoid their filthy, filthy germs by shopping online. Itís the only safe way to avoid potentially deadly and always bothersome human contact.

But eGad is more than just a place to trade. It's also a place to meet that one other person in the world who shares your passion for German goat porn, without ever having to meet them face-to-face. People tell us that they come for the junk, but they stay for the sterile, impersonal "relationships" they form at eGad.

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