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Unload Your Junk

Please fill out the information below to list your item to sell. eGad will check your FBI records, blood type, and require a urine sample. Weíre not trusting folk. You must give us your firstborn in order to sell.

Codename / Secret word

Codename or E-mail address

Secret word (forgotten it? Youíre outta luck, pal)
Title (no HTML) (required)
e.g.: Rare collection of Bonnie and Clyde Death Cars

Classification  (choose one category only)   (required)
Try to choose the most specific category, as in if you are selling a radio, donít just put it in the "radio" category", put it in the "Crosley 1138 Transistiglide Radio, inspected by #42, purchased at the Sears in East Lansing, Michigan on the 14th of January, 1964 when Eddie Memling was on duty (wearing his lucky bowtie) and carried out in a paper bag carried under the left arm and only ever used on the FM band ? mostly country music, some mellow rock, no acid" category.
Capn' Wacky Merchandise:

Description (HTML ok)


You may use HTML tags or toe tags. Please, keep it neat, we donít want your filthy html dirting up our site! We have to dust too often as it is around here. You should hear the maid complain.

Picture URL


But try not to picture Earl, heís not an attractive man.

Item location (required)
e.g.: to my left, bottom of closet, in pants, under the cat, etc.

Accepted Payment Methods (choose as many as apply)  
Money Order/Cashiers Check Personal Check Blood Money
Ill gotten gains Swiss Bank Account Gold Pressed Latinum
Clams Pretty Rocks A Song

Minimum Bid

per item  (numerals and decimal point '.' only)   (required)
e.g.: 2.00

This is the price at which the auction will start, and is, generally, the lowest price at which you are willing to sell your item. Setting this too high may discourage bidding! We recommend starting really low to reel in the suckers and get them hooked. Then, jack up the reserve and make the rubes pay through the nose! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (ahem)

Duration (required)

Reserve price   (numerals and decimal point '.' only)  (optional)
e.g.: 5.00

Stick it to 'em. (See above)

Make your item stand out and get more bids! Try these desperate, attention getting but ultimately empty ploys.

Boldface title? ($2.00 charge)  (optional)
Featured Auction? ($99.95 charge)  (optional)
Bells and Whistles? ($14.95 charge)  (optional)

Smoke and Mirrors? ($75.87 charge)  (optional)

Annoying Buzzing sound? (charge of the light brigade)  (optional)

Bright, shiny object? ($.02 charge)  (optional)

Photo of Nixon shaking hands with Elvis ($1.00 charge)  (optional)

Fudge (mmm)  (optional, but who can resist?)

You will be advised of all fees due before you place your listing. Honest. We wouldnít do anything like adding on extra charges later or changing the amount of our cut. No sir. Not us. Not the fine folks at eGad. You can trust us. Weíre safe as motherís milk. Donít worry about a thing. Weíre on the up and up here. Yup. Nothing to hide. Really. Scoutís honor. See, anybody who tells you over and over again how much you can trust them MUST be trustworthy right? So just pay your bills when you get them and donít think about them too much. There. Good. Everybodyís happy. Done.

Make sure you know eGad's listing policy before you list. Good luck finding it.


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your neighbors.

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