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Star Wars figure: Jar Jar Binks
Item #9977086
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Currently$15.00 First bid$15.00
Quantity1 # of bids0
Time left15 minutes Locationcloset
Started02/01/82, 10:52:12 PDT
Ends08/30/93, 10:52:12 PDT
SellerDarth Mall (3)
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This is one of the hot action figures from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I know the figures have been manufactured in huge quantities and are still readily available in stores for retail price or in comic stores and other secondary markets for ridiculously marked-up prices, but I figured, what the hell. Somebody out there will still be dumb enough to bid too much on this thing. So bid, suckers. How about one of you fat boys who canít leave the house? Jerry Springer wonít be coming over to cut out your wall just so you can stop wallowing in your own filth long enough to go get one of these. So bid, fatty. Bid right now.


Star Wars figure: Jar Jar Binks (Item #9977086)

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