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So, I pack myself a nice little lunch and everything this morning, thinking I can save a little cash today. Then I get to work and that stupid Ed Jameson comes up to my cubicle, looking at my lunch box with this stupid smirk on his face and I just know he's going to say something about it, because that's the kind of guy he is, you know? So he goes, "Hey, that your lunch?" And I go, "I sure hope so, I brought it." And then he's all "Well, you shouldn't have brought your lunch today." And than I'm like, "Oh yeah, why not?" And he's all smiling and says like he's some smart guy, "Well, today's free pizza day, didn't you see the sign in the break room?" And then I'm thinking I don't want to look stupid for not remembering it's free pizza day, so I go "Yeah, I know, I brought this for tomorrow, because today's free pizza day and I wouldn't have brought a lunch on free pizza day, okay Ed?" And he's all "Yeah, right, whatever," like he doesn't believe me and walks away.

So, I can't really eat my lunch tomorrow because tomorrow's my usual hot dog day. So, if you want my lunch, it's yours.

Also, I'll throw in my stapler (with staples) and a half of a post-it pad.

Jesus, I hate that Ed Jameson.


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