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Love For Sale
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Currently$70.00 (no reserve) First bid$20.00
Quantity1 # of bids78
Time left5 Days LocationNew Jersey
Started02/01/82, 10:52:12 PDT
Ends08/30/93, 10:52:12 PDT
Sellerjbjovi (635)
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High bidrSambora16
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Well I wake up this morning I rolled out of bed. I felt like a dog who's been kicked in the head. Checked out my mail there was letter that read love for sale, love for sale.
I picked up the phone I called everyone I could. I let my fingers do the walking through the telephone book. You can't catch a fish if you ain't got the hook. Love for sale, love for sale.
Send up a signal throw me a line, somebody explain " this funny Valentine." It might not be signal but it sure ain't a crime. I'm one step from crazy and two steps behind.
I called Lt. Columbo from my TV set. I've tried the Dating Game I haven't found her yet. I'm hoping that she's looking like a Penthouse Pet, love for sale, love for sale.
We've been living together 3 years, 2 hours, 20 minutes maybe four houndred beers. You can't shop for love when you're shopping at Sears. Love for sale, love for sale.
I guess I've learnt my lesson it was easy to see, my old lady she played this joke on me. I never looked where I forgot it would be, love for sale, love for sale

Love For Sale (Item #889112)

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