This venerable attraction was once considered among the most terrifying thrill rides in the world. Then, for a long time, it was among the least terrifying, and now it's among the most terrifying again! How, you ask?

Paddy's Peril debuted as the world's fastest roller coaster in the short-lived Tapestry Park in New York in 1927. Tapestry Park was unusual for its attempt at cashing in on strife among different immigrant factions by offering separate attractions for separate groups of immigrants. When it first debuted, Paddy's Peril was open only to Irish-Americans. It was promoted with the line "so scary it'll sober an Irishman!"

After Tapestry went out of business following riots later in the 1927 season, the coaster survived and was transferred to several other amusements parks before making its home at Cap'n Wacky World's Five Point Park in 1977. By that time, thanks to advances in coaster design, Paddy's Peril was considered among the slowest and least-thrilling in the country.

Now, however, the green machine is once again a destination attraction for thrill seekers thanks to Cap'n Wacky's World's refusal to refurbish or repair the aging coaster. Since it was named a historic landmark in 1982, Amalgamated Humor is not required to make any changes or updates to the ride to bring it up to modern safety codes.

So get in line, sign the release form specially created for this attraction, and if your seat still has a strap - strap in! With Paddy's Peril, you're literally risking your life! Enjoy!

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