Turn your world upside down! Thrillseekers love roller coasters that flip you upside down, but if hanging with your head below your feet is such a thrill, why do most roller coasters rush your right through it? With our new Extreme Inversion Coaster, we let you savor the flavor of being flipped wrongside up. Strap into your seat... feel as the anticipation builds as you're taken up the first steep incline... shoot down the hill... and up the looop dee loop and then... STOP!

Yes, Extreme Inversion brings you to a complete stop right at the best part! Settle in and enjoy being dangled upside down while 100 feet in the air. Plus, every ride is different, as our computer-run ride system randomly selects how long each ride will enjoy pausing upside down (though we guarantee each rider will get to enjoy at least 10 minutes of being inverted). If you like a normal looping coaster, you'll LOVE the extreme thrill of just sitting there and feeling the blood run to your head.

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