In Thrill Point, not only are the attractions extreme, so is the dining! At Extreme Eats, every meal is like an eating contest! Every lunch is a battle to see how much you can cram into your mouth! If you want to live big, you've got to eat big! We're talking 76 ounce steaks! We're talking 32 scoops of ice cream! We're talking children's meals with more hot dogs than Takeru Kobayashi thinks is a sensible amount! We're talking souvenir drink cups you could bathe a baby in!

Sure, the meals are incredibly expensive, but only if you can't finish them! If you make it through a whole meal without quitting, vomiting, or suffering a heart attack - it's completely free! So chow down to the extreme, and then get back out there to those roller coaters! EXTREME!

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