Attendees to certain other not-to-be-named theme parks have long enjoyed attractions based on the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Little Mermaid. Here at Cap'n Wacky World, however, we've opted to focus on the less well-known sequel (written by Hans's brother, Larry Christian Anderson*) entitled "The Giant Mermaid."

Brought to life through an enchanting combination of live actors, puppets, projected effects, and song, audiences will fall in love with the story of a morbidly obese mermaid who doesn't fit in under the sea, and makes a wish to change her fins for feet. Soon she's struggling to learn to walk on her own, and learning that just like you couldn't swim away from your troubles... you can't run away from them either. At least not with a lot of really heavy breathing and chest pains.

To hear a portion of "All You Can Eat", one of the songs from The Giant Mermaid, click on the play button below (or you can right click here to download an MP3 or just regular click to go to a page that will just play it. Options!):

* Other works by Larry Christian Anderson include: "The Corpulent Match Girl," "The Emperor's New Suit From The Big and Tall Shop," and "The Fugly Duckling."

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