Come see this thrilling, hilarious, and inspiring show that pays tribute to the power and majesty of one of the oceans mightiest creatures AND to the superiority of human beings!

Killer whales are more like human beings than most people realize: they live together in close-knit social units, they communicate via sounds, and mate with several different partners. They're highly intelligent, and extremely powerful animals. Even so, human beings are so great that we can still easily capture them and bend them to our will!

Celebrate the dominance of man over the rest of the world by watching Shame-oo, a captured killer whale that we've taught to perform repetitive and humiliating stunts to please us and beg for treats. Laugh at the degree of control we can exert over this once-proud creature as we force it to leap in time to grating popular radio hits! We even make it wear a clown nose for a little while! OOO, "Killer" whale. I'm totally scared!

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