Longtime fans of Amalgamated Humor and Cap'n Wacky undoubtedly already know that The Seaside Saloon was the real-life bar in which cartoonist Arthur Fetzenburg met Captain Wachinski, the sailor upon whom he based Cap'n Wacky.

The historical saloon was a favorite local watering hole for several decades where rough men of the sea would come looking for hard drinking and loose women. It had a rich, colorful history in its small eastern seacoast town, right up until the day Amalgamated Humor bought the establishment and had it moved to our theme park. Now, families can delight in bringing the kids to see our "crew members" dressed up in costumes as rough men of the sea and enjoy a non-alcoholic specialty souvenir beverage with them.

The saloon retains almost 14% of it's original infrastructure. It even still reeks of the ocean!

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