A day at Five Point Park isn't really complete until the sun has gone down and you've been wowed by one of our dazzling nighttime pyrotechnic displays. For decades, park-goers thrilled to "Explosions In the Sky," a colorful and exhilarating fireworks display featuring blasting comets, sparkling chrysanthemums, graceful palm-trees, and a thrilling grand finale that set the sky behind Cap'n Wacky's lighthouse ablaze with color.

Recently, our Creatitions (and accountants) decided it was time for a change. It was time to design a new fireworks show that, while smaller in price, was even bigger in terms of imagination! Enter Sparkleriffic! Now, at the end of each day, Cap'n Wacky himself, backed up by a team of beautiful* dancers, performs in front of the lighthouse holding everyone's favorite kind of fireworks: sparklers! Watch as they spell out words and make shapes in the air! Delight as they spin and sparkle in near-perfect unison! No more craning your neck to look to the sky! No more covering your ears to block out the mighty booms! Instead, enjoy the mild glow of a waved sparkler! A tame cool down from a moderately enjoyable day.

*back-up dancers degree of attractiveness subject to change without notice.

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