Journey in to the world of fairy tales and imagination with The Brothers Grimm's Traditional Storybook Adventures! See scenes from your favorite childhood tales brought to life right before your eyes with our startlingly lifelike Radio Robomatronics.

Here at Cap'n Wacky World, we respect the vision of creative individuals. That's why our robotic reenactments are faithful to the tales as written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early 1800s. These aren't the cleaned-up, sanitized versions most modern-readers are used to seeing; these are the real deal.

Treat your children to the most authentic version of these stories available in ride form. Laugh along with the kids as Cinderella's silly stepsisters mutilate their feet in an attempt to make them small enough to fit into the golden slipper - and wait until you see how the prince wakes up Sleeping Beauty (spoiler alert - it takes more than a kiss)!

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