Give your little girl (or effeminate son) the royal treatment! At the Princess Production Post, we'll turn your sweet child into the royal star she really is with a fairytale makeover!

Our trained Magician Beauticians are ready to slather more makeup onto your pre-teen cutie than you ever expected to see her wear before prom. Hey, nobody is BORN looking like a princess! Once the face has been repainted and the hair teased and shellacked into place, it's time to pick out just the right pink or purple gown. She'll feel just like a real princess knowing the beautiful, shimmering dress she wears was hand-crafted by poor common folk from tiny villages in far-off places.

After her transformation is complete, we'll let the little princess feel her royal power by bossing around the help, throwing delicate objects at the wall, and not eating. Finally, to make her really feel like a fairytale princess, we'll tell her that her mother has died.

Photo packages available for additional fees.

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