At Fussbudgets, we cater to the special dining preferences of kids. Maybe at home your parents make you eat your vegetables (or maybe not, judging on recent data on childhood obesity), but since you're on vacation, why not enjoy a meal the way kids really like it?

Some of the ways we gear our meal toward the child eater (or immature man-child who never acquired more adult eating habits): all of our sandwiches are served with the crust already cut off! Cereal is available at all times, and we've pre-removed everything but the marshmallows! All meals are served in partitioned plates so different foods never touch! Beets are served with the greens cut off - just kidding, we never serve beets or anything else resembling healthy food - even if you want it!

NOTE: Several diners have complained that they were under the impression that the word "budgets" in the name "Fussbudgets" implied that our meals were priced for families dining on a budget. Please note that they are not. They're really, really not.

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