Kids are fascinated with the adult world of driving and are always excited by the opportunity to climb behind the wheel of anything resembling a car. Lots of other theme parks exploit that interest and offer mini cars on rails or classic dodge-em cars that kids can drive, but at Five Point Park, we're always looking to take things to the next level of fun! Kids who sit in the driver's seat of one of our Bumper Car Consequences cars won't just get the thrill of driving, they'll also learn about the fun of being a responsible automobile operator!

Kids who bump into another vehicle on the attraction will be required to immediately stop and exchange insurance information with the other driver while they wait for the authorities to arrive. Drivers who do not comply with this rule will be chased down and pulled over by an enforcement officer (in his own adorable bumper patrol car) and, once caught, placed in a holding facility for the next several hours.

After the driving portion of the ride is over, all vehicle operators will be treated to an in-depth lecture from a real insurance agent about the details of our automobile insurance system and the legal and financial ramifications of reckless driving.

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