This attraction initially opened in 1958 as "The House of Tomorrow" and featured exciting looks into the technology that would shape the way we live from day to day in our own homes. The House of Tomorrow was both popular and prescient, accurately predicting household objects that would later become commonplace, such as microwave ovens, popular music and movies available on tapes, and personal desktop computers. Eventually, the House of Tomorrow seemed to no longer predict a distant future, but merely reflected a dwelling pretty much exactly like the ones guests were familiar with at home.

Park designers considered updating the attraction with more predictions of another future, but realized that if they did so, the house would inevitably catch up with technology, forcing yet another update of the attraction. Instead of needing to constantly update the House of Tomorrow, they decided to simply rename it "Yesterday's House of Tomorrow" and leave the interior unchanged. Problem brilliantly solved.

As many of the inventions and contraptions found within are now becoming old-fashioned or downright obsolete, park management is considering changing the name of the attraction once more, this time to "The House of Yesterday" thus keeping the once-House of Tomorrow an accurately-named and entertaining attraction, all without having to change anything more expensive than a sign.

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