This attraction originally appeared at the World's Fair in 1964 before finding its permanent home at Cap'n Wacky World a year later. Unfortunately, due to thousands of death threats, bomb threats, and lawsuits from civil rights organizations, the "It's a World of Ethnic Stereotypes" ride has been permanently closed.

Times were different when this ride was opened, less enlightened perhaps. We feel bad about some of the exaggerated accents and caricatures of physical characteristics now. Still, for those who got to experience the ride, they'll never forget its clumsy, misguided effort at bolstering international brotherhood by mocking the differences of others and overplaying cultural traditions. We will, especially, never forget the ultra-catchy and super-repetitive theme song that will occasionally pop into our heads to this day and haunt us for days until we're so sick of it that we just wish we were dead.

To hear a sound clip of the famous World of Ethnic Stereotypes theme song click on the play button below (or you can right click here to download an MP3 or just regular click to go to a page that will just play it.):

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