As your car is slowly raised up the first lift of Recycle... Or Die, a recording educates riders about the ecological benefits of recycling and the environmental dangers of being wasteful. The recording ends by speculating that if current trends continue, we may one day be living in a world covered with garbage. Your car crests the top of the lift and then plunges into just such a word - a massive, festering pile of garbage! Hold your breath as you race up, down, and around the pile of discarded food wrappers, tires, old shoes, dirty diapers, and more!

While many of the environments that park guests visit in Five Point Park are illusions materfully crafted by our team of Creatitions, the garbage seen in Recycle... Or Die is 100% genuine garbage brought to our park from throughout the south-eastern United States! It adds to the realism of the ride and (as a working landfill) is an additional source of revenue for parent company Amalgamated Humor. Plus, it's the perfect place to pitch the tons of waste generated daily by the park itself!

If we are one day forced to live on a planet covered with garbage, let's hope it's also covered with roller coasters!

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