Overpaying for plastic trinkets, t-shirts, and low-grade hot dogs can be made lots more fun when you pay for then using Cap'n Currency! These bills are colorful paper money sporting the face of Cap'n Wacky himself and other members of the Amalgamated Humor family of characters. They can be purchased at locations throughout the resort (at just $1.25 American for $1.00 in Cap'n Currency) and function as legal tender everywhere in Cap'n Wacky World*!

*May not be used to tip waitstaff or in vending machines. Unused Cap'n Wacky Bucks may not be re-exchanged for American (or any other) currency and may not be used at your mall's local Cap'n Wacky store. Amalgamated Humor reserves the right to recalculate the value of Cap'n Wacky bucks at any time. Value may be cancelled entirely if Cap'n Currency is torn, creased, or wrinkly. and Cap'n Wacky World copyrite 2009 - Brodie H. Brockie and RJ White